Release Notes for AirFinity WAC52LTE and WAC52LTE+

Release Notes for Version 2.0 – (26/01/2024)

Overhauled Admin Panel with a Responsive UI:
All-new Admin Panel: Accessing a wealth of information is now streamlined in a single, intuitive dashboard
Dashboard Widget Customization: Easily tailor dashboard layout with Drag and Drop functionality
Dark Mode and Appearance Themes: Personalized experience with Dark Mode option and ability to choose from three appearance themes
Notification System: Updates and system issue notifications
User Management: Users with limited access, providing management control restricted to specific pages
Analytical Charts: Insights through analytical charts in Login Log, Active Users, WiFi Users, and CAP Manager etc.
Apex Charts: Advanced filtering, reporting, and export capabilities, including Print mode, CSV file, and image file options
Redesigned Table Design and Buttons: Complete overhaul with a fresh, user-friendly design for tables and buttons

Critical Update: Addressing Potential Injection Vulnerability found on version 1.9.3
Security Fix: Separated Voucher, Coupons, and Live! Menu admin user access and passwords from Admin Panel
Changed: “User Manager” renamed as “Voucher Manager”
Added: Voucher Manager: Ability to schedule removal of expired vouchers
Added: Voucher Manager: Warning text if the voucher has expired
Added: Captive Portal: New Elegant Theme
Added: Captive Portal: Marketing Field for Mobile, Email, Facebook Users
Added: Captive Portal: Unsubscribe page (allows users to unsubscribe from marketing list remotely)
Added: Captive Portal: AD Management (play static or rotating ADs before user login)
Added: Captive Portal: Custom CSS and JS Editing of templates
Added: Captive Portal: Ability to customize Email Templates (background colors, text, colors, etc.)
Added: Captive Portal: Ability to request OTP Validation for Email Authentication method
Added: Captive Portal: File Manager with the ability to upload extra media files on the device
Added: Captive Portal: Ability to send Bulk Messages via Email or SMS (all guests or filtered based on time of visit)
Added: Captive Portal: Chat Plugins – Added Meta Messenger, Tidio, and chat integrations
Added: Captive Portal: “Allow Marketing” checkbox that allows guests to control whether they want to receive marketing materials
Added: Captive Portal: “I agree privacy policy” checkbox, optional required field along with “I agree with the service terms”
Added: Captive Portal: Ability to request only “username” field in voucher authentication (single pass mode for vouchers)
Added: System: Ability to reboot the device based on schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)
Added: System: Added new API cabilities to fetch active guests, email users, etc.

After the update, the boot process may take up to 4 minutes to complete.
DO NOT DISCONNECT OR POWER OFF the device until the boot process finishes up.



Release notes for Version 1.9.3 – (06/10/2022)

Added: Secure Direct Cloud access (HTTPS UI access – works behind NAT)
Added: Connection tracking and logging module (Required by law in some countries)
Added: Ability to broadcast log messages to a Syslog server or to a Log Management System
Added: Real-time system logging (Hotspot, DHCP, WiFi, CAP, Conntrack)
Added: Cloud URL Reporting on PointX CM – “Device” page (direct device access)
Added: LTE – APN Settings on AirFinity WAC52LTE/WAC52LTE+ devices
Fixed: Dashboard issue – browser in some cases was becoming unresponsive
Fixed: Could not fetch Public IP of remote device on PointX CM
Improved: Updated RouterOS to v6.48.6 (Stability and performance improvements)



After update, the boot process may take up to 4 minutes to complete.
DO NOT disconnect or power off the device until boot process finishes up